A breath of cheer, a breath of hope
Your sprightly step, your angelic smile
Makes the day brighter than bright, but
there are times when the dark kills you inside.

You look within and you see doors closed
No open doors, no windows to let you in
It’s time you know your heart
has locked you out! Anybody there?

With warm drops streaming down
With no one to see you cry, there are
No broken holes to let the sunlight in
No straws to hold, no notes to sing.

You knock and knock and knock
Alas, who can hear a knock on a closed door?
Worn out, you lie there hardened as stone
Waiting for the dew to soften the core.

What is this enigma, what is this pain
the rising dust of sorrow, the lost moment
of gain. Will your day ever see light?
The moment of triumph?

The dusk matures, grows into the night
The morning sky looks with mist
laden eyes. The icy heart melts,
The doors open. You walk inside.

A new soul is born.
The curtains are drawn, the darkness killed
A sprightly step, a cheerful smile
Brings back the unfathomable to the bright.

Author of ‘Yes, The Eggplant is A Chicken’ https://amzn.to/2Iym2ok Humorist, Satirist, Mom, Ex-Googler. Write to me at s.sravani@gmail.com

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